“bodily studies”: When Jeff runs swimming pool and will take their undies away, almost all of crowd because learn people seems away with the exception of Annie who sneaks a peek at Jeff.

“bodily studies”: When Jeff runs swimming pool and will take their undies away, almost all of crowd because learn people seems away with the exception of Annie who sneaks a peek at Jeff.

“vital Genealogy”: Through The school’s hallways, Annie overheard Jeff declining to greatly help Pierce receive nearer to his own ex-step child Amber. She confident him or her to evolve their thoughts by spinning Pierces consult as Jeff executing it as a huge favor on her behalf. Annie afterwards admonished Jeff when this tramp learns they rested with Amber and certain him or her to become a very good pal by allowing Pierce recognize his ex-step daughters true itinerary.

“french as an additional dialect”: Jeff is definitely livid at Annie so you can have gotten Chang dismissed and priced at the study party any death quality for Spanish finals. Jeff together with the study people eventually rushed to Senor Chang’s office if they read Annie walked truth be told there to apologize on her behalf steps. They get a hold of the lady unscathed hearing Chang having fun with their keytar. After utilizing the Spanish final Jeff apologizes if you are mad at Annie. She after that accidentally accepts she clothed like a professor so to inspire Jeff.

“Pascal’s Triangle Revisited”: Jeff and Annie have got a romantic discussion concerning their romance difficulty leading to a passionate kiss.

Season Two

–Jeff declaring Annie thought the times among them, “Paradigms of Human memories”.

Jeff attempts to deal with the fallout from your Tranny dancing and will make it very clear to Annie your kiss would be a misstep. Despite his rejection it created something, there are certainly moments throughout the period which hint usually. Annie has difficulties with this model feelings for him aswell probably after expressing them disgust over his or her activities and saying to Britta that this chick simply kissed him or her staying great. Although they drift separated at the beginning of the entire year, they are drawn back together as Jeff facilitate Annie discover a conspiracy, pursuit of the woman forgotten pencil, and becomes jealous over a crush this lady has on vibrant. Right at the end of the season, items will grow to be rugged between the two once again. Although they just fleetingly clash after they both operated for scholar human body president, the truth by Abed about Jeff and Britta’s informal land ups through the term try more difficult to eliminate. An upset Annie confronts Jeff with regards to the teasing that was occurring between them although this event was actually going on. Jeff clearly denies they and maintains that just several time might found with any arbitrary matching for the learn crowd. Abed refutes Jeff’s declare and reports whatever is going on between the two is more appreciable then he is willing to admit. The year stops using them arguing about whether Pierce ought to be permitted to live in the research class and Annie caressing Abed in that seasons paintball opposition.

“Anthropology 101”: into the wake of the Tranny Dance Jeff should put up with the contempt of the female populace at Greendale whilst managing Annie’s schoolgirl break on your.

“Accounting for Lawyers”: Annie (with Troy and Abed’s services) reveals it was Alan Connor who ratted out Jeff for the status bar connections.

“Cooperative Calligraphy”: Jeff and Annie conflict more than once over their missing pencils like a challenge that brings about the complete analysis cluster undressing.

“Conspiracy Theories and interior decoration”: Jeff and Annie synergy to learn the reality behind the strange teacher Professorson.

“Asian society Studies”: Annie confronts Jeff in the genuine reasons for his own not just wanting abundant in the study class.

“Introductory to Political practice”: An off-the-cuff vilification from Annie prompts Jeff to compete keenly against the girl through the Greendale election for an innovative new pupil entire body director.

“Critical production reports”: Annie praises Jeff for planning a “Pulp Fiction” theme birthday party for Abed.

“Paradigms of individual Memory”: Jeff’s year-long event with Britta is actually exposed, so he declines “The Annie of this chemical all” any time faced with Annie.

“A Fistful of Paintballs”: Jeff and Abed duel out on your escort in Green Bay Black Rider to conserve Annie.